Popular questions about the Hoan Kiem Turtle

1. What do they eat?

These large softshells are mostly carnivorous, eating fish, insects and dead animals. Some local fishermen have also reported seeing ducks eaten that they believe were taken by large Rafetus.

2. When is their breeding season?

Breeding season is summer months, Jun – August, based on animals in China. The animals in captivity have nested 3 times a year.

3. How many eggs do they lay?

depends on size of animal, older bigger females have the capacity to lay more eggs. Around 80 – 100 eggs per clutch

4. Where do hatchlings spend their time?

Its expected that hatchlings will spend their time in shallower waters, streams and wetlands rather than big rivers. in the large rivers many predators would take them. Little information is available for wild behaviour of Rafetus though as so little is known of the species.

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