New net gets installed to protect the Dong Mo Turtle.

A local fisherman helping install the new net at Dong Mo Lake on 14th October 2017. Photo by: Nguyen Tai Thang – ATP/IMC.

We are very relieved to get a new net installed in Dong Mo Lake, following continued heavy rain last week which saw the water level rise to over 150cm ABOVE the gates on the dam the staff had a break in the weather today. Good timing as a new net has been bought to put in as an additional security measure. The old net in place to stop the Dong Mo Turtle getting close to the dam, was not design with such high water levels in mind and has been at risk of being submerged. Yesterday the team had to plug a gap in the net which was 40cm below the water level.

Thankfully with generous support we have been able to get the net built and put in place and the Dong Mo turtle was photographed in a no-fishing zone within the lake.

We would particularly like to thank Dr. Diana Bell, the British Chelonia Group (BCG), Mr. Scott Trageser, Ms. Ta Thuong and Mr. Nam Anh who all made generous donations. Any remain support will be used to further our conservation efforts for Rafetus swinhoei at our sites.

Press Release by: Timothy McCormack – Asian Turtle Program (ATP)
14th Oct 2017

The new net just arrived this morning at Dong Mo. The ATP team and local fishermen are setting the net up immediately. Photo by: Nguyen Tai Thang – ATP/IMC.

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