Cuc Phuong National Park breeding success for the Vietnamese Pond Turtle in 2015

One of the hatchling Vietnamese Pond Turtles found in the outdoor enclosures. Photo by: Hoang Van Ha- ATP

Despite a number of changes to captive enclosures in 2015 with the construction of secure paired breeding tanks for the Vietnamese Pond Turtle (Mauremys annamensis) the species has bred very well at the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) of Cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam. In all 25 new hatchlings emerged at the centre with some individuals being found in the semi-wild ponds and stream enclosures

The Vietnamese Pond Turtle is considered one of the worlds most highly threatened turtle species, heavily impacted by the loss of natural lowland wetland habitat in its small range in central Vietnam. The endemic species also suffers from intensive collection pressure for the illegal wildlife trade where demand is high.  The breeding program at the TCC is part of a coordinated effort with the Asian Turtle Program (ATP) of Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC) and zoo’s to breed the species for future reintroduction into the wild.

We expect 2016 to be an even more successful year with new breeding enclosures. The studbook management software has also been setup for the species in Vietnam to support more organised pairing and breeding of the growing population at the centre for long term management.

If you would like to help support future developments at the TCC for the Vietnamese Pond Turtle and other species please visit:

We would like to thank all those that have supported the TCC during 2015: Mr. Herbert Becker, Munster Zoo, Rotterdam Zoo, Zoological Society of London and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Press release by: Tim McCormack – ATP/IMC & Hao Do Thanh – TCC
Date: 1st February 2016

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