New Breeding Enclosure for Cuora galbinifrons at the Turtle Cuc Phuong Conservation Centre

Recent improvements have renovated one of the center’s earliest secure cages into a free-ranging breeding environment for the critically endangered Indochinese box turtle, Cuora galbinifrons. The new environmentally rich habitat encompasses 84 square meters, and includes a functioning shallow stream interspersed with pools, a small emergent sedge wetland with mud substrate, banana grove, and plenty of places for turtles to hide amongst leaf litter, logs, and rocky caves. In June, eight Cuora galbinifrons were moved into the new environment which also includes a built in sprinkler system to help maintain a high level of humidity and keep the turtles from drying out on hotter days.

Cuora galbinifrons is one of five priority species for which the TCC is working to develop breeding assurance populations for conservation. Specialized breeding enclosures have also been established at the TCC for Cuora mouhotiiSacalia quadriocellata, and Mauremys annamensis.

Hot News: This year was particularly important for Cuora galbinifrons at the TCC because it was the first year that a number of eggs were successfully hatched. Following nesting, the eggs were secured in specially designed in situ incubation chambers, designed to protect the eggs from predators while they incubated under natural conditions in the enclosures.

Breeding of the Indochinese Box Turtle

Nests: March to June laying

Clutch size: 1-2 eggs per clutch under leaf litter and vegetation debris.

Incubation period: The eggs hatch in 60-90 days

Press release by the Asian Turtle Conservation Network

Date: April 2004


Special thanks to the Auckland Zoo of New Zealand for their support in establishing this special environment for Cuora galbinifrons

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