Turtle Conservation Centre staff keep working during quarantine time of COVID-19

The Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) staff of Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam, had to keep working to look after the almost 2,000 tortoises and freshwater turtles that the centre looks after. During the CoVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns in Vietnam and the rest of the world, the keepers had to continue working to feed and care for the animals. In August 2021, with Hanoi in lockdown, the staff took photos to show their daily work. Some staff were required to move from their homes into the communes around the park into special accommodations in the forest, following social distancing regulations to allow them to continue working safely to provide daily care for our turtles and tortoises at the TCC.

We like to thank all our staff that worked so hard during this time, Cuc Phuong National Park for supporting everyone during this time, and our donors, including Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the Zoological Society of London and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) amongst others.

For further information please contact:

Asian Turtle Program (ATP) of Indo-Myanmar Conservation (IMC).

R.1806, CT1, Bac Ha C14 Building, To Huu Road, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 (4) 7302 8389

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