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No. 273, 10th February 2017

1. Australia: Extreme Queensland heat kills turtle hatchlings
SOURCE: – DATE: 4th February 2017

Piles of dead turtle hatchlings are lining Queensland's famous Mon Repos beach amid a heatwave which has pushed the sand's temperature to a record 75° Celsius.

While the majority of Loggerhead turtle hatchlings break free from their nests at night when the sand is cooler, those escaping in the day face overheating. The exact number of turtle deaths is not known at this stage, but hundreds have been seen dead on the beach.

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dead turtle hatchling


Olive ridley

© T. Caro

2. Fear of sea turtle extinction due to female bias in warm climate unwarranted study suggests (Update)
SOURCE: – DATE: 8th February 2017

A small team of researchers with members from Australia, Greece and the U.K. has found evidence that suggests the unlikelihood of quick extinction of sea turtles due to warming climate due to overlooked factors. In their paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the team explains their findings and why they believe sea turtles will survive current ocean temperature rises.

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3. The USA: Threatened tortoises smuggled into U.S. find new home at Dallas Zoo
SOURCE: – DATE: 8th February 2017

Fifteen threatened tortoises smuggled into the U.S. and confiscated in Miami are now recuperating at the Dallas Zoo.

The animals, called Home's Hinge-back Tortoises (Kinixys homeana), were smuggled into the U.S. on a plane in November. U.S. Fish and Wildlife inspectors intercepted the shipment. When no one claimed them, a call went out for accredited groups to take them, the zoo said. The Dallas Zoo stepped up with an offer to take all the tortoises and sent boxes for Fish and Wildlife to FedEx the tortoises back in.

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Homes hinge back tortoise

© Dallas Zoo

turtle htachlings


4. Pakistan: Mortalities mar turtle release operation at Sandspit
SOURCE: – DATE: 9th February 2017

Nine out of the 40 recently confiscated turtle hatchlings died before they could experience the sea for the first time on Wednesday afternoon at the Sandspit beach (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan) where they were brought for release. This once again highlights serious gaps in the rescue and release operation of the wildlife department staff.

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