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No. 229, 8th April 2016

1. Indonesia: Bali Police thwart turtle smuggling attempt
SOURCE: - DATE: 7th April 2016

Bali Water Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle 45 Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) to the island on Wednesday (the 6th of April 2016). Five people have been arrested.

The police discovered 45 Green turtles on a boat traveling in waters near Karangasem in East Bali, Indonesia. The turtles were large, averaging 45 cm and aged between 40 to 70 years old.

The turtles were taken to a turtle breeding centre at Serangan Island, Indonesia on Thursday afternoon (the 7th of April 2016) for treatment before they were released back into the wild. Six of the turtles had already died. ATP NOTE: turtle breeding centre probably refers to a hatchling or head starting centre.

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green sea turtle

© Zul Trio Anggono

green sea turtle

© Vinh Trong

2. Quang Ngai province, Vietnam: Release a 6.3kg rare sea turtle to the sea
SOURCE: – DATE: 7th April 2016

On the 7th of April 2016, Quang Ngai’s Sub-Department of Exploitation and Protection of Fisheries Resources in collaboration with Sa Ky Border Guard and Hai Dang Restaurant released a sea turtle back to the sea. The sea turtle was 6.3kg in weight and 390mm in length. Earlier, on the 4th of April 2016, the owner of Hai Dang restaurant (Quang Ngai province, Vietnam) bought the turtle from a fisherman at the price of VND1.5 million ($US 70). Due to crowded inshore fishing, she contacted Quang Ngai’s Sub-Department of Exploitation and Protection of Fisheries Resources with the hope of releasing it safely back far out to sea. The sea turtle was tagged with serial number VN (c) 00 456 for monitoring and to hopefully learn more about its migration route.

ATP NOTE: As seen from the picture, the turtle appears to be a Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas).

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3. Quang Binh, Vietnam: Local authorities released a 25kg sea turtle to the wild
SOURCE: – DATE: 7th April 2016

About 8 am on the 6th of April 2016, while fishing near the coastal sea of Quang Binh province, Vietnam, a fisherman named Hoang Quoc Dao detected an entangled sea turtle. Immediately, he informed and handed over the turtle to the local authorities. On the 7th of April 2016, the 25 kg sea turtle was released to the nature.

As seen from the pictures, the turtle appears to be a Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas).

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sea turtle


olive ridley sea turtle

© M. Blake

4. The USA: Tucker the sea turtle goes to hospital for floating problems
SOURCE: – DATE: 1st April 2016

Tucker the turtle is the first non-human patient to receive treatment in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, Washington, the USA for buoyancy issues.

Seattle veterinarians will test a rescued sea turtle on Friday (1st April 2016) to see whether treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, typically used for decompression sickness in human divers, has cured a buoyancy disorder preventing the marine reptile from being released back to the ocean.

Tucker, a 70-pound (32-kg), 20-year-old endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), was found in December clinging to life along the Oregon Coast, far from his species' usual warm-water habitat off Southern California and Mexico, Seattle Aquarium officials said.

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5. Costa Rica: Video shows heartless men dragging sea turtle behind car in Costa Rica
SOURCE: – DATE: 1st April 2016

A video showing several unidentified young men tying the fins of a Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) to a vehicle and then dragging the animal several meters has been posted on Facebook. The men dragged the sea turtle behind a vehicle through a street somewhere on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast and later slaughtered the animal, an environmental activist told EFE.

"This shows lack of respect for other forms of life. Some people eat the meat, but the way they abused the turtle there is shameful, shocking and goes against what a civilized country should be about," environmentalist Alvaro Sagot said.

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green sea turtle


6. Thailand: Arrest over turtle 'Torture'
SOURCE: – DATE: 3rd March 2016

Two vendors have been charged with animal cruelty after a picture of a turtle left upside down in the sun in an alleged merit-making scam went viral online. They were arrested on the 2nd of April 2016 and charged with animal cruelty, unauthorized sales, overstaying their entry permits and breaching a wildlife protection law.

Police alleged that the men used several turtles and birds to lure people into making merit. The police seized 20 tailorbirds and 13 turtles. The local villagers complained that the men overturned a large turtle under the hot sun at a market in Sattahip district, Chonburi, Thailand and asked people to pay between 999 ($28) and 1,200 baht ($34) for the turtles to be released. The animal was said to be struggling to free itself for several hours until appearing motionless.

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7. Owner of rare two-headed turtle measuring just 4cm long treats pet 'like a friend'
SOURCE: – DATE: 5th April 2016

A turtle owner has been left flabbergasted after its pet, a Red-eared slider (Chrysemys scripta elegans), was born with two heads.

The pet, which does not yet have a name, is around 4cm long and has just celebrated its six month birthday. The reptile is said to be doing well, with both its heads moving separately from each other. The two-headed turtle is also eating normally, its four eyes seemingly aware of everything that is happening.

Despite the turtle's oddness, owner Jeo Armansary said he still expects him to live a normal life with the red eared slider able to reach 40 years old.

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two headed red-eared slider

© T. Yensen

hybrid sea turtle

© Reef HQ

8. Australia: Suspected rare hybrid sea turtle recovering in Townsville turtle hospital
SOURCE: – DATE: 8th April 2016

A sea turtle suspected to be a rare hybrid has been brought into the turtle hospital at Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

The animal, nicknamed Summer, appears to be a cross between a Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and a Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas). Summer was found near the Townsville marina and was brought in with several fishing hooks embedded in its mouth.

The Reef HQ's director, Fred Nucifora, said hybrids were extremely rare and there had not been a recorded instance of a hybrid anywhere in the world since the 1980s.

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