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28 endangered Big-headed Turtles back home in the wild


Screening and release of turtles in Pu Mat National Park, Vietnam


Help us keep the Turtle Conservation Centre going throughout the current crisis


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The Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle Project

The Mauremys annamensis Project (MAP)

ATP Student Training Course

The Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC)


The Cuora Box Turtle Project


Other Projects

Protecting Asia's tortoise and freshwater turtles

We implement strategic interventions that directly contribute to the conservation of Asian turtles, helping to ensure efficient use of limited resources, as well as developing capacity, strengthening leadership, and ultimately effecting positive attitudinal and behavioural change within society.

Training and awareness undertaken by the ATP include enforcement training for forest rangers, raising public awareness about the importance of protecting Vietnam’s turtles, and student training programs.


Project focus on the endemic Vietnamese Pond Turtle, Bourret’s Box Turtle, Southern Vietnamese Box Turtle in central Vietnam, and the legendary Hoan Kiem Turtle also known as Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle in northern Vietnam, largely recognised as the most endangered turtle species in the world.

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