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No. 43, 26th August 2012


1. Vietnam: Circular draft letter to improve regulations on breeding wild animals

SOURCE: - DATE: 21st August, 2012

After the Chairman of the Quang Binh province was sued for fining a Chinese soft-shell turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) breeder, Mr. Do Quang Tung, Vice director of CITES Vietnam, voiced his opinion on regulations to breed common wild species in an interview. Recently the Directorate of Forestry completed a draft circular letter that defines regulations and conditions to breed common wild species in order to unify management procedures. Mr. Tung said that there's no need to put Pelodiscus sinensis on the list of protected species because the species has been farmed in Vietnam for a long time. He added that as long as small farms keep their turtles healthy and do not release them into the wild trade in the species should not be prohibited. Large aquatic turtle farms meet these requirements anyway as they have to obtain a license for breeding. In the d raft circular, approximately 2,000 species are listed . The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will revise and change the circular every year according to the conservation status of the listed species in the wild. ATP Note: at present the species listed in the circular are not know, but this has potential to increase the trade of wild animals, including turtles, which are often laundered through farms.

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2. Lonesome George' could be coming ‘back to life'

SOURCE: - DATE: 20th August, 2012

"Lonesome George", the giant tortoise who died in June 2012 at his home in the Galapagos Islands, known as the last of Geochelone nigra abingdoni , could be cloned and "brought back to life" if scientists can apply advances in cryogenics to replicate the late reptile. Being the last of his kind, the death of the Giant Galapagos tortoise nicknamed "Lonesome George" meant the end of a line that goes back thousands of years. Now, scientists say there is a possibility to use frozen cells taken from Lonesome George shortly after his death on Pinta Island, Galapagos, and clone the reptile using procedures similar to those that allowed the replication of Dolly, the sheep.

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Link to this web article (English)



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