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No. 33, 17th June 2012

1. Vietnam: Alcohol mixed with animal blood, deadly threats

SOURCE: - DATE: 13th June 2012

Although wildlife in rice wine has always been traditional in Vietnam the idea that drinking alcohol mixed with blood will improve one's health, threating many allotments, boosting the immune system or men's virility has created a “fad” of drinking wine with animal blood. Snake, deer, goat, pigeon and turtle blood are popular not only in urban but also in rural areas. However, while there is still no scientific evidence of the claimed medicinal properties there are daily cases of alcohol poisoning and even reports of parasitic worm infections resulting from these alcoholic drinks (its not clear in the article how parasitic worms would survive in strong alcohol but often wildlife wine is unhygienic prepared with dead and sometimes already decomposing animals placed directly in alcohol). Occasionally whole turtles are placed in such tonics.

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2. Bangladesh: Near-extinct turtle bred on artificial Bangladeshi beach

SOURCE: - DATE: 12th June 2012

Zoologists have for the first time bred a critically endangered turtle species – the northern river terrapin (Batagur baska) using an artificial beach, Bangladeshi specialists announced on Monday. S.M.A. Rashid, head of the Centre for Advanced Research in Natural Resources and Management said “The female turtles laid eggs on an artificial beach in the captive breeding facility with 25 individuals hatching successfully last week. This species is extinct in the wild in Thailand, Vietnam and possibly Myanmar and survives only in t iny numbers in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The successfully breeding of the species at the center continues to give hope for the species but protection of wild populations and habitat is essential.

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