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No. 32, 10th June 2012

1. Austria: Tortoises "divorce" after 115-year romance

SOURCE: - DATE: 10th June 2012

Bibi and Poldi have been a pair since before anyone alive today can remember – the couple have been together at the Austrian zoo in Klagenfurt for 36 years and before that they lived at Basel zoo in Switzerland. After close to 115 years together the two Giant Tortoises have now "divorced" due to irreconcilable differences, it's not clear yet who will keep the enclosure.

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2. Vietnam: Sea Turtles nesting locations threatened

SOURCE: - DATE: 6th June 2012

Sea turtle populations in Vietnam are extremely threatened by human activity. According to Mr. Pham Thanh Dung, Head of the Science Department of Con Dao National Park (Ba Ria- Vung Tau Province), where the translocation of eggs from nesting beach at risk to incubation stations has been found to be the most successful methods in increasing sea turtle hatchling numbers in the conservation area. In the region significant number of eggs are being laid in Con Dao, Truong Sa and Hoang Sa, Nam Phu Quoc island, Tho Chu although numbers are not given in the article. With some remote beaches on islands scattered along the coast with low human populations such as Bach Long Vi Island, Long Chau still important for sea turtles nesting.

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3. Binh Dinh province, Vietnam: Sea Turtle nesting beaches threatened by illegal titanium exploitation

SOURCE: - DATE: 4th June 2012

Lately dozens of people from Nhon Hai Commune (Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam) have rushed daily to Hon Kho beach (in Nhon Hai) to manually extract titanium. Although physically hard work the average income of 100,000VND (4,79$) per day is a good salary locally. However the mining has not only ruined pristine beaches but is also making it more unlikely for sea turtles nest in the area. Such unregulated exploitation of natural resources is widespread throughout Vietnam and is a major concern for many of the endangered flora and fauna nationally.

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4. Dong Thap province, Vietnam: Large numbers of wildlife being released into Tram Chim National Park

SOURCE: - DATE: 9th June 2012

According to the management department of Tram Chim National Park (Tam Nong District, Dong Thap province, southern Vietnam) in the first 6 months of 2012, authorities have released nearly 50kg of turtles, frogs and more than 550kg of different snake species into the National Park. Monks and nuns from the Tam Thanh Pagoda in Phu Cuong commune of Tam Nong district had purchased the wildlife for tens of millions of VND (hundreds of dollars) from illegal wildlife markets. At present the species bought and released is not known but such purchases only further drive the wildlife trade and confiscations of wildlife through providing information to relevant wildlife protection agencies would be more advisable although purchases are done with the best intentions.

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5. Vietnam: Giant animals caught in Vietnam

SOURCE: - DATE: 8th June 2012

In recent years Vietnamese hunters have caught many large animals such as Oriental Rat snakes (Ptyas mucosus) ,Asiatic soft-shell turtles (Amyda cartilaginea), Siamese crocodiles (Crocodylus siamensis), giant spiders and even a giant ribbon fish (Eupleurogrammus muticus, formally Trichiurus muticus) almost 4 meters long and 30kg. The Asiatic soft-shell turtle (Amyda cartilaginea) weighing more than 24kg, caught near Chuong Duong Bridge in Hanoi became a hot and much discussed topic in public with many people realising some of this natures giants are being hunted into extinction.

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