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No. 286, 12th May 2017

1. Vietnam: The confiscation of critically endangered box turtles in Da Nang
SOURCE: - DATE: 9th May 2017

The Environmental Police Department of Da Nang city of Vietnam in collaboration with the provincial Foreign protection Department detained a man named Huynh Duy Hung illegally transporting 8 endangered turtles. Hung confessed he was currently keeping some other turtles at his house.

ATP NOTE: There were 25 turtles including 21 critically endangered Bourret's box turtle (Cuora bourreti) and four endangered Keeled Box Turtle (Cuora mouhotii). ATP & TCC rescue team are on their way to recue these animals.

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turtle confiscation in Da Nang


2. Parasitic robot controls turtle it's riding by giving it snacks
SOURCE: - DATE: 8th May 2017

In preparation for becoming humanity's overlords, robots have started controlling turtles. By first getting the reptiles to associate a red light with food, the shell-attached robots can dictate where the turtle moves around a tank, creating a rather unusual parasitic relationship.

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3. The USA: Turtle Poachers Caught Red Handed in Prospect Park
SOURCE: – DATE: 9th May 2017

Last Wednesday, Parks Enforcement Officers caught a perp luring turtles out of the lake in Prospect Park (New York, the USA) and stuffing them into bags, officials confirmed.

Officers detained one of the suspected poachers, but the others dropped the bags and fled the scene. Nine bags of turtles were confiscated, stuffed with at least 25 large adult turtles, confirmed the Parks Department officials. The detained woman was issued a summons and slapped with a $1,000 fine.

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turtles caught in park


Batagur affinis

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4. Cambodia: Hatchlings raise hope for Cambodia's endangered 'Royal Turtle'
SOURCE: – DATE: 10th May 2017

The birth of nine Cambodian royal turtle (Batagur affinis) hatchlings has sparked hope for the future of a species on the brink of extinction, conservationists said Wednesday. The baby turtles hatched this week, three months after a villager discovered a 14-egg nest in sand along a river in southwestern Koh Kong Province, Cambodia -- the only place where the reptile is still found in the wild in Cambodia.

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