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No. 278, 17th March 2017

1. The UK: A pet tortoise which was stolen during a Luton burglary has been reunited with its owner
SOURCE: – DATE: 10th March 2017

On Thursday (the 9th of March 20170, Bedfordshire Police appealed for the public's help to trace 11-year-old tortoise Toby after his owner's property in Harcourt Street, Luton (the UK) was broken into.

Since the appeal, members of the public have assisted in bringing shell-shocked Toby back home after he was sold in a cardboard box in a pub for just £20 ($24.88). The two men who bought him were concerned for his welfare and so paid the money and brought him to the vet. Whilst at the vet, a dog-owner named Ginny spotted Toby and offered to take him home. After recognizing the tortoise from Facebook appeal, Toby reunite with his owner. Mr Berry would like to say a big thank you to Ginny, Bedfordshire Police, the two men who took him to the vets, and all the public who offered support on Facebook, adding that it truly helped him get through a difficult time.

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ponds with coins



2. Thailand: Buddhists urged not to throw coins in fish ponds after green turtle saved
SOURCE: – DATE: 13th March 2017

Following the news last week that green turtle "Ormsin" had successfully undergone a life-saving after consuming more than 900 coins, Phra Pattana Thannavaro, deputy abbot of Watpa Dhamma Autthayan in Khon Kaen, Thailand, has warned Buddhists to think carefully before "making merit" by throwing coins into a fish pond.

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3. India: Model rescues turtle dumped in trash in Mumbai
SOURCE: - DATE: 14th March 2017

City based model, anchor and former Miss Tourism World India, Saundarya Garg, rescued a turtle from a trash site where it was cruelly packed inside a plastic bag. The turtle was found dumped at a roadside trash near Central Institute of Fisheries Education at Versova (Mumbai, India), on Sunday (12th March 2017).

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4. Controlling turtle motion with human thought
SOURCE: – DATE: 16th March 2017

Korean researchers have developed a technology that can remotely control an animal's movement with human thought.

New research has demonstrated the possibility of combining a 'brain-computer interface' (BCI) with a device that transmits information from a computer to a brain, or a so-called 'computer-to-brain interface' (CBI). The combination of these devices could be used to establish a functional link between the brains of different species. Now, researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a human-turtle interaction system in which a signal originating from a human brain can affect where a turtle moves.

ATP NOTE: this story raises the issue of animal welfare in research, a complicated topic when human health and scientific research are involved but the stress and suffering of animals should always be a consideration.

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