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No. 277, 10th March 2017

1. Thailand: She's shelled out a fortune! Surgeons remove 915 coins swallowed by 'Bank' the Thai sea turtle while she swam in a good fortune pool
SOURCE: – DATE: 7th March 2017

The animal had been kept in a village pond for years where people had thrown lucky coins in with the turtle which had been eaten. Almost 5kg, 11 pounds of coins required surgery to be removed. The old turtle was known locally as Omsin which apparently translates as 'Piggy Bank'. Hopefully the old girl can make a full recovery and be released back into the ocean where she belongs.

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turtle with coins

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turtle with coins

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turtle with coins

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turtle with coins

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sea turtle found n Vietnam

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2. Vietnam: Endangered sea turtle gets a lucky break in central Vietnam
The turtle was handed in by a local man who recognized it as a rare species.
SOURCE: – DATE: 3rd March 2017

A local resident handed in an endangered sea turtle to authorities in Long An Province in the southern Vietnam on Friday (3rd March 2017). The Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) weighs 12 kilograms and is 50 centimetres in length, according to Ta Van Nguyen Hoang, head of the fisheries department in Long An Province, about 46 kilometres west of Ho Chi Minh City.

A resident bought the turtle from a vendor several days ago but then handed it over to authorities after realising it belonged to a group of protected species. It is currently in the care of the fisheries department and will be released back into the sea.

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3. The British Virgin Islands: Internet outraged over photo of bikini-clad woman straddling 100-year-old endangered tortoise
SOURCE: - DATE: 3rd March 2017

It's the tale of the tortoise and the fair. A photo of a bikini-clad woman riding a 100-year-old Galapagos Tortoise is setting social media on fire. The picture was shared by the "King of Instagram"Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player, while he and the near-naked woman appeared to be visiting Sir Richard Branson' Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Several of Bilzerian's followers expressed their distaste for the snapshot on his Instagram page.

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girl on tortoise

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4. UK zoo refused licence after 500 animals die
SOURCE: - DATE: 6th March 2017

A zoo in Britain where nearly 500 animals died of poor nutrition, cramped conditions and hypothermia over four years is set to close after officials refused to renew its licence. Inspectors who surveyed Lakes Safari Zoo in northwest England said they were "dismayed by the obvious deficiencies in the accommodation, the overcrowding and the lack of proper welfare and husbandry."

The deaths of 486 animals from January 2013 to September 2016 revealed "a clear picture of poor management with uncontrolled breeding and lack of any programme of preventative and curative veterinary medicine", said the inspectors' report.

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5. Vietnam: large softshell turtle caught in Bac Ninh province
SOURCE: – DATE: 9th March 2017

On the 8th of March 2017, a resident in Dinh To commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province caught a pair of softshell turtles at the bank of Duong river. The pair were sold to a restaurant at VND 1 million ($43.85) per 1 kg. One turtle weighed 28kg while the other 22 kg.

Based on pictures of the pair, Assoc. Prof. Ha Dinh Duc said that they were Asiatic Softshell Turtles (Amyda cartilaginea).

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two softshells caught in Bac Ninh

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6. Kolkata, Indian: Around 1,630 rare tortoises seized from Bangaon, 3 held
SOURCE: – DATE: 10th March 2017

Around 1,630 soft shell tortoises, a rare species, were recovered from Bangaon in North-24 Parganas (West Bengal, India) on Thursday (9th March 2017). Three people have so far been arrested in the case, said officials. Acting on a tip-off, a team of the CID's special operation group intercepted a truck loaded with the reptiles, which were kept inside small bags.

ATP NOTE: although no photographs are with the article Indian Flap Shelled Turtles (Lissemys punctata) are often seen in the wildlife trade.

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