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No. 260, 11th November 2016

1. Vietnam: Turtle found in Nghe An province
SOURCE: – DATE: 7th November 2016

On the 6th of November 2016, a man named Nguyen Duong Lieu (aged 52, resident in Thanh Thuy commune, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province) found a giant turtle in his water spinach garden. The turtle weighed 16 kg. Mr. Lieu said that the turtle was in good condition and he intended to release it to the wild soon.

Hearing the news, a lot of people rushed to his house to see the turtle. Some even offered to buy it, but Lieu refused their offers.

ATP NOTE: the turtle appeared to be a Yellow-headed Temple Turtle (Heosemys annandalii). We cannot confirm if the turtle has been released yet.

Link to this web article online (Vietnamese)

turtle found in Nghe An


TCC volunteer


2. Vietnam: Urgent call for volunteers in Turtle Conservation Centre – Cuc Phuong National Park
SOURCE: – DATE: 9th November 2016

On the 10th of November 2016, 84 Big-headed Turtles (Platysternon megacephalum) will be coming to the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. These are the survivors from 105 Big-headed turtles rescued by the authorities in Quang Ninh province. The Asian Turtle Program is working to prepare equipment and support the rescue at Cuc Phuong. Already 180 animals from confiscation in the past few months are stretching our quarantine capacity. With so many animals we desperately need the help of volunteers to take care of the animals and support the keepers. We are also running low on funds for such rescues and care of so many turtles, about 1,000 of which are currently in the centre. If you can volunteer your time or make a donation please contact us at: Volunteer can start immediately but we require at least 1 week commitment. We are also looking for support to fund the release of some turtles from the centre in 2016.

Link 1 to this web article online (Vietnamese)

Link 2 to this web article online (English)

3. Vietnam: 11 wild animals confiscated in Kon Tum province
SOURCE: - DATE: 11th November 2016

On the 10th of November, Forest Protection Department of Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province, Vietnam said that they confiscated 11 live wild animals. The FPD collaborated with the Border Guards and the Police detected a coach (number plate: 82B-00356) driven by Nguyen Van Toan illegally transporting wildlife. Toan was unable to show documents proving the origins of these animals. The shipment included 1 wild boar (Sus scrofa), 1 turtle (unidentified species) and 9 Chinese water dragons (Physignathus cocincinus). The animals were transferred to Chu Mom Ray National Park to release to the wild soon.

Link to this web article online (Vietnamese)

wild animals confiscated in Kon Tum


turtle in Australia

© Western Sydney University

4. Citizen scientists sought to help save turtles from extinction
SOURCE: - DATE: 8th November 2016

As turtles in Australia leave the safety of their nests and head to dry land to mate this November, Western Sydney University researchers are calling on Australians to log any sightings on a web app. To help track turtle populations, Western Sydney University has developed TurtleSAT to identify nesting grounds and areas where turtles are at risk, and provide local assistance where possible.

Lead researcher Dr Ricky Spencer, from the School of Science and Health, says Australian turtles have existed for 50 million years, but in less than 200 years of European settlement they have been driven to the brink of extinction. "By recording turtle sightings into TurtleSAT from your phone, tablet or computer, you are directly saving a species from inevitable extinction," says Dr Spencer.

Link to this web article online (English)

5. Malaysia: Over 3,000 smuggled turtle eggs seized from express bus
SOURCE: – DATE: 10th November 2016

On the morning of the 10th of November 2016, the district Wildlife Department of Sandakan (Sabah, Malaysia) seized 3,011 turtle eggs meant to be smuggled to the west coast at the main bus terminal. District wildlife officer Hussien Miun said his party received a public tip-off at around 8am about three boxes believed to be filled with turtle eggs. Initial inspection indicated that the eggs were to be delivered to Kota Marudu using an express bus service on the Sandakan-Kudat route.

Link to this web article online (English)

seizure of turtle eggs



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