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No. 250, 2nd September 2016

Red eared slider



1. India: Officials seize 4,000 live baby tortoises at Chennai airport
SOURCE: – DATE: 29th August 2016

As many as 4,000 tiny Red-eared Slider Turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans) were found by customs officials at the city airport in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) when a passenger was trying to smuggle them from Malaysia to on Saturday night (28th August 2016). This is the second smuggling case with turtles this month.  

According to airport officials, the man reached the Chennai airport on Saturday night. He had travelled from China via Kuala Lumpur on a transit flight through Malaysian Airlines and was caught when he reached Chennai. Investigations are checking where he brought the turtles from and how long they were kept locked in the suitcase. Saying that smuggling such turtles is banned, the immigration officials returned the live turtles on another flight on Sunday morning.

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2. Sea turtles at risk as scientists predict more than 50 per cent are ingesting marine debris
SOURCE: – DATE: 26th August 2016

More than 50 per cent of sea turtles are ingesting marine debris, a huge amount of which is floating around the world's oceans, scientists say.

On North Stradbroke Island, in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, the turtle population has been affected by rubbish floating in the water and washing up on the shores. The increasing presence of plastics ending up on even the world's most remote beaches by ocean currents has been taking a toll on the animals that inhabit the ocean and ingest the rubbish. Dr Qamar Schuyler, a CSIRO scientist studying the impact of debris on local populations of marine animals, said somewhere between 4 and 12 million tonnes of debris were entering the world's oceans annually.

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turtle slaughterered


3. Pakistan: Police seize snake, turtle meat in Thatta raid
SOURCE: - DATE: 31st August 2016

Police on Tuesday (30th August 2016) seized a considerable quantity of snake and turtle meat during a raid in Thatta (Sindh, Pakistan)

According to Geo News, no arrest was made in the raid as a suspect, whose identity was not revealed, managed to flee before the officers swooped. A number of reptile and turtles that were found alive in the raid were handed over to officials from the Wild Life Department.

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4. The USA: Officials: Turtle Burned by Man Is an Endangered Tortoise
SOURCE: – DATE: 1st September 2016

Authorities are adding a charge against an Alabama man accused of setting fire to a Gopher turtle (Gopherus polyphemus) after officials determined the reptile is an endangered tortoise. Originally charged with felony animal cruelty, 19-year-old James Terrance Allen of Dothan (Alabama, the USA) is now also charged with a misdemeanor count of harming a protected species.

Police arrested Allen on Wednesday (31st August 2016) after callers complained that a man was setting fire to a turtle during a Facebook live stream. The animal survived and is being cared for at a wildlife sanctuary. Authorities have nicknamed the tortoise "Leonardo."

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