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No. 225, 11th March 2016

1. Pakistan: Man detained with 45 rare turtles at Faisalabad airport
SOURCE: – DATE: 8th March 2016

Custom officials found the 45 Spotted Pond Turtles (Geoclemys hamiltonii), which are CITES Appendix I, which were apparently to be flown via a private airline from Faisalabad airport in Pakistan via Doha in Qatar and onto Malaysia.

There appears to be a growing trend in smuggling turtles out of Pakistan.

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45 turtles confiscated


sea turtle

© M. Curnock

2. Australia: Australian fisheries "data rich" but bycatch reporting still failing to protect sea turtles
SOURCE: – DATE: 26th February 2016

A James Cook University researcher has found the existing approach to recording turtle deaths does not go far enough to protect the endangered species.

PhD student Kimberley Riskas led a project examining 13 years of records on turtle bycatch from Queensland, Northern Territory and Australian Commonwealth waters. Bycatch is when non-target species are unintentionally captured in fishing nets. Ms Riskas said Australian fisheries were "data rich" but needed to be better coordinated when it came to recording and analysing turtle deaths across different fisheries jurisdictions

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3. Vietnam: 11 park rangers attacked by poachers in central Vietnam
SOURCE: - DATE: 7th March 2016

Ninh Thuan police, Vietnam are hunting for a group of timber poachers suspected of attacking a forest protection station and injuring five park rangers in the central province on the 2nd of March 2016. In another case on the same day, a group of rangers at Bach Ma National Park in Thua Thien-Hue Province was attacked by timber poachers who were caught felling two protected trees.

This is not the first time rangers have been attacked in Vietnam trying to do their jobs. Forest and wildlife protection can be a dangerous business in many parts of the world but without strong enforcement the wildlife does not stand a chance.

ATP NOTE: We hope all the rangers make a speedy recovery and the criminals involved are brought to justice.

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ranger attacked by timber

© Bui Ngoc Long

4. Taiwan: Taipei authorities raid ivory, turtle outlets
SOURCE: – DATE: 7th March 2016

Confiscated ivory products included animal figurines and other decorative objects, spoons and tusks, with the most valuable for sale at NT$128,000 (US$3,890).

On Friday, the 4th of March 2016, the police and Taipei City Animal Protection Office raided an antique shop in downtown Taipei and confiscated 142 ivory items and seven Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) products, leading to the shops’ owners being charged with violating the Wildlife Conservation Act.

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5. Myanmar: New Burmese Roofed Turtle assurance colony established in February
SOURCE: – DATE: 8th March 2016

The WCS/TSA Turtle Team recently established a third Burmese Roofed Turtle (Batagur trivittata) assurance colony at an outpost of the Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary in the riverside hamlet of Htamanthi, Myanmar. With less than 10 adults remaining in the wild, the Burmese Roofed Turtle is considered the second-most endangered species of turtle in the world. Two other assurance colonies have been established in Myanmar; one at the Yadanabon Zoo in Mandalay and another at Lawkanandar Wildlife Sanctuary in Bagan. Another Burmese Roofed Turtle assurance colony and the only one outside of Myanmar is planned for the Singapore Zoo.

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Burmese Roofed turtles


marine desert tortoise

© K. O'Sullivan

6. The USA: $50M plan to save tortoises could do the opposite
SOURCE: - DATE: 9th March 2016

The Marine Corps' Air Ground Combat Center in the Mojave will soon expand 165 square miles into the Desert Tortoise (Gophers agassizii) habitat and officials have come up with a $50 million plan to move the tortoises elsewhere.

A similar project that moved 670 tortoises away from the Army's National Training Center in 2008 was halted when 90 tortoises died. Another 9,136 were moved to a site in Nevada between 2004 and 2014, yet only 370 could be found there in 2015.

ATP NOTE: obviously the best option if possible is to leave wild animals in the wild. High mortalities can be seen in animals brought in from the wild or translocated. Unfortunately urban, agricultural or in this case military expansions are ever shrinking habitat.

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