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No. 21, 4th March 2012


1. Vietnam. How to avoid poisoning from pretty, exotic pets?

SOURCE: - DATE: 29th February, 2012

Currently, many animal species are kept as pets in the homes of families. With families no longer only keeping dogs or birds but also turtles (for example Red eared sliders – Trachemys scripta elegans), snakes, scorpions and frogs. One of the problems with keeping exotic pets is that they carry contagious diseases such as dermatitis, encephalitis (translated from the article) which they can transfer to humans.

ATP comment: The article did not mention salmonella. The trend for keeping exotic pets in Vietnam appears to be on the increase with website forums and facebook often used to advertise animals. Continued development and new found affluence is likely to result in this trend continuing in the coming years.

Link to this web article online (Vietnamese)




2. Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam. 83 rare turtles released in Lo Go Xa Mat National Park

SOURCE: Vietnam Plus; - DATE: 2nd March, 2012

On March 2nd , the National Park of Lo Go- Xa Mat cooperated with the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station to receive 83 animals of three turtle species (all species are listed in Vietnam's Red Data Book). 71 Elongated tortoises (Indotestudo elongata), one Asian Box turtle (Cuora amboinensis) and 11 Giant Asian pond turtles (Heosemys grandis) were transferred to the National Park and released back into their natural habitat. All these animals which naturally occur in Southern Vietnam were seized by National Park rangers when they were illegally transported from the South to North .

ATP comment: The turtles were previously transferred from Cuc Phong National Parks Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) where animals had either been confiscated from the wildlife trade or bred in captivity at the centre.

Link to this web article online (Vietnamese)


3. Merauke town, Indonesia. Confiscated Pig-nosed Turtles released back into wild

SOURCE: TRAFFIC; - DATE: 2nd March 2012

On 1st March 2012, the Natural Resources Conversation Agency (BKSDA) in Merauke released 1,967 confiscated Pig-nosed turtles (Carettochelys insculpta) back into the wild. The turtles were from the two confiscations reported in this web article. In total, 2,185 turtles had been seized, but 218 died in quarantine. The turtles were being smuggled to Jakarta and then via large-scale traders into the global market. “The deaths in quarantine are indicative of the high mortality levels incurred in illegal wildlife trade,” said Chris R. Shepherd, Deputy Regional Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia. “Often far fewer, if any, animals survive to be returned to the wild.”

Link to this web article online (English)


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