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No. 20, 26th February 2012


1. India: Rescued Indian star tortoises sent home

SOURCES : - DATE: 27th December 2011

More than 599 Indian Star Tortoises (Geochelone elegans) were sent home to India last week after the smuggled reptiles were rescued by the authorities at Kuala Lumper International Airport in August after authorities noticed unclaimed bags in which the animals had been stuffed.

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2. China: Chinese nationals face deportation for eating rare tortoises

SOURCES : - DATE: 18th February 2012

Four Chinese nationals are facing deportation from Zimbabwe after they were arrested for killing more than 40 rare Bell's Hinged tortoises (Kinixys belliana) for meat, officials say. Animal welfare officials said the men admitted to the charges of animal cruelty. The tortoise is listed as an endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Local officials say their numbers in the wild have dwindled in recent years.

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3. Quang Ninh province, Vietnam: Taxi carries 150kg of illegal wildlife.

SOURCES : - DATE: 21st February 2012

The Quang Ninh province's police discovered a taxi carrying 142 weasels (possibly actually civets) weighing 87kg ; many types of snakes weighing 40kg and 17 individuals of Keeled box turtles (Cuora mouhotii and Asian stripe-necked leaf turtles (Cyclemys oldhamii). The total weight of all the animals was 144.5kg . The taxi driver insisted that he was hired by a man called Nguyen Van Quoc (born in1962) from Ha Tinh province to transport the wildlife.

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4. Vietnam: A gigantic collection of turtles

SOURCES : - DATE: 23rd February, 2012

The Me Linh Biodiversity Station belongs to the Institute of Ecology and Biology Resources (IEBR) and is located in Ngoc Thanh commune, Phu Yen city, Vinh Phuc Province of northern Vietnam. The centre currently keeps 10 turtle species in semi-natural enclosures, including Elongated tortoises (Indotestudo elongata), Asian stripe-necked leaf turtles (Cyclemys oldhamii), Keeled box turtles (Cuora mouhotii), Vietnamese pond turtles (Mauremys annamensis), Four-eyed turtles (Sacalia quadriocellata), and Giant Asian Pond turtles (Heosemys grandis). According to Dr. Le Dong Tan (IEBR), they will plan a 10ha area to develop a wildlife exhibition area with semi-natural enclosures.

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5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Selling wild animals on the street

SOURCES: - DATE: 24th February 2012

After an apparent quiet spell in the illegal wildlife trade in Ho Chi Minh City, southern Vietnam, there are signs of the trade picking up again. With some streets of the city busy with trade, on the 3rd of February many wild animals such as porcupines, squirrels and turtles were seen publicly for sale. When asked if they could provide more animals the sellers confirmed that they can provide more wildlife upon demand. This article highlights the ongoing problem of wildlife trade in Vietnam.

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