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No. 199, 12th September 2015

1. Pakistan: Fresh water turtles’ dried meat worth millions seized
SOURCE: - DATE: 6th September 2015

The Pakistan Customs seized 1.90 metric ton dried meat of fresh water turtles worth Rs 616.564 million ($5.925 million) from the smugglers in last two years.

Pakistan Customs also seized 1,964 live fresh turtles in the said period. Specifically, 1,426 turtles were captured in Punjab state, 320 from Islamabad and 218 from Sindh province from the seven smugglers who tried to smuggle these turtles out via Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi airports.

China, Hong Kong, Korea and Vietnam are illicit importers of turtles and their parts from Pakistan. Turtle parts from Pakistan are also exported to Iran due to a long and porous border between the two countries. China being prime consumer, majority of turtle consignments are exported to the country.

ATP NOTE: Species involved were not documented.

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oldest fossil of sea turtle

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2. Germany: Oldest fossil sea turtle discovered
SOURCE: - DATE: 7th September 2015

Scientists at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, have described the world's oldest fossil sea turtle known to date - Desmatochelys padillai sp. The fossilized reptile is at least 120 million years old – which makes it about 25 million years older than the previously known oldest specimen. The almost completely preserved skeleton from the Cretaceous, with a length of nearly 2 meters, shows all of the characteristic traits of modern marine turtles. The study was published today in the scientific journal PaleoBios.

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3. India: 'Threatened' turtle species seized from Kolkata market
SOURCE: - DATE: 8th September 2015

The officials of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) and state forest department's wildlife crime control unit in a joint raid rescued 15 Indian Softshell Turtles (Nilssonia gangetica), a threatened species, from a trader in Galiff Street (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) on Monday (the 7th of September 2015).

The Indian Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia gangetica) is protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, the same protection status enjoyed by the tiger. The possession of animals listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 may result in imprisonment of three to seven years.

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4. Record Holder Profile Video: Bertie the fastest tortoise
SOURCE: - DATE: 9th September 2015

They may not usually be known for being fast movers, but Bertie - a South African Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) - is the tortoise equivalent to Usain Bolt.

At his home in Adventure Valley, a family adventure park in Brasside, Durham, the UK, Bertie sprinted over a 5.48 m course set at a gradient of 1:12 in a speedy 19.59 seconds, consequently winning his title as the Fastest tortoise in the world.

During his record-breaking run, Bertie reached an incredible speed of 0.28 m/s, absolutely smashing Charlie’s (UK) previous record of 0.125 m/s which had been unchallenged since 1977.

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Bertie fastest tortoise

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sea turtle with satellite tag


5. The USA: CMA uses new tracking tech on rehabilitated sea turtle
SOURCE: www.wtsp – DATE: 10th September 2015

On Wednesday, the 9th of September, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) in Florida, the USA released a loggerhead sea turtle named ‘Ozzy’ after nearly two years of rehabilitation.

Ozzy's release is special because she will be the first sea turtle to have a satellite tag attached to her so the CMA team can monitor her swimming behaviour and migration patterns after she is released into the wild. This type of technology is much more sophisticated than the usual pit or flipper tags. It is the same system used by the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) for their Tour de Turtles program.

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