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No. 102, 18th October 2013

1. Hanoi, Vietnam: Legendary turtle in Sword Lake emerges to mourn General Giap

DATE: 14th October, 2013

On the 14th of October, Facebook users shared a photo of the Hoan Kiem turtle with its head emerging from the water. The photo was believed to be taken at 10am on the 13th of October near the Tran Ba Pavilion. At the same time, General Giap's coffin was being carried from Hanoi to Quang Binh city. Many people believe that the legendary turtle emerged to mourn General Giap along with all Vietnamese people and to say goodbye. However, others raised their concern about the origin of the photo and wondered whether it is a product of a graphics editing program. They also say that people should not be too superstitious; the incident was just a coincidence. But Dr Ha Dinh Duc – who has studied the turtle for years – believed in the photo, and even posted it on his personal Facebook page. Earlier that day, he was notified by the curator of Ngoc Son Temple, who took the photo and said that the turtle had emerged for more than an hour. Moreover, according to Mr Duc, the turtle emerged only a few times this year but particularly on special days such as Independence Day, South Vietnam Resistance Day, and this time, the funeral of General Giap.

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2. Mumbai city, India: Rare turtles, tortoises and parakeets rescued in a raid from Crawford market

SOURCE: – DATE: 12th October, 2013

People for Animals (PFA) and Ahimsa Sangh NGOs had raided the venue with the help of Mumbai police after receiving specific information about the wild species kept there for illegal sale. On the 10th of October over 55 rare turtles, tortoises and 27 exotic parakeets were rescued by animal activists during a raid at Crawford Market in Mumbai. People for Animals (PFA) and Ahimsa Sangh NGOs had raided the venue with the help of Mumbai police after receiving specific information about the wild species kept there for illegal sale. The team found 3 Keeled box Tortoises (Cuora mouhotti) , 2 Leatherback Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea)one was found dead due to horrible living conditions, 51 Indian Star Turtles (Geochelone elegans) and 3 Malaysian baby turtles (unknown). The activists also found 27 Rose Ring (Psittacula krameri) and Alexandrine Parakeets (Psittacula eupatria). "We found the animals stashed into nooks and corners of the market. It was sad and disgusting to see turtles and tortoises (that need to be in water) kept hidden under desks,'' said Chetan Sharma of PFA. The offenders were taken to the MRA Marg Police Station and an offence under The Wildlife Protection Act was registered.

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3. Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam: 20kg wildlife seized

SOURCE: – DATE: 12th October, 2013

In the evening of the 10th of October, 2013, while patrolling in the Binh Thanh commune area, the Environmental Police of Thua Thien Hue province discovered a man transporting 20kg of wildlife on his motorbike from A Luoi district to Hue city for consumption. The shipment included 3 Keeled box turtles (Cuora mouhotii), 1 small Indian civet (Viverricula indica), 2 masked palm civets (Paguma larvata) – 1 found dead, 1 dead Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica). The animals were transferred to the Forest Protection Unit for further handling. Most likely the dead animals will be destroyed and the live ones released.

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