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Vietnamese pond turtle
(Mauremys annamensis)


The Vietnamese Pond Turtle (Mauremys annamensis) is a species of particular conservation concern, a highly localised endemic found only in densely populated coastal lowlands of a few provinces of central Vietnam from Da Nang south to Phu Yen. The wild ecology and distribution of the species was first described in 1939, but with no field records for the species made again until 2007 when a Mauremys annamensis was caught in the wild in Quang Nam province by the ATP. Many gaps remain in knowledge on the species (Bourret, 1941). Although fully protected under Vietnam's principal wildlife protection law, Decree 32, in 2006 the species is still heavily hunted for sale into the wildlife trade. At present this species is not believed to occur in any protected areas, this furthers increases the urgency for which habitat must be identified if successful conservation activities are to be focused.

Distribution: Believed distributed from Da Nang to Phu Yen and possibly Gia Lai, Kom Tum province

Habitat: Suitable lowland wetland habitat, ponds and wetlands in association with rivers

Threats: Major causes of their decline are habitat loss, and illegal hunting and trade


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