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Threatened reptiles and amphibians in Vietnam benefit from a conservation training program on field research and captive management

From the 07th to the 10th of September 2015, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Centre for Rescue and Conservative Organism (CRCO) of Hoang Lien National Park (Lao Cai Province, Northern Vietnam) organised a Chelonian and Amphibian Field Skills and Husbandry Training Course for eight staffs of the CRCO. 

Presentations made by the Asian Turtle Program (ATP) and Australian Museum focus on two main training components.  Field surveys and captive management for reptiles (Turtles) and amphibians. During the training, through a combination of theoretical presentation and practical activities, participants had opportunities to understand and practise different methods, techniques. The participants were shown how to find some of these cryptic species in the wild. Mount Fansipan, the highest peak in Vietnam at 3,143m is located in Hoang Lien National Park, it is also the only known locality for two frog species Leptolalax botsfordi and Oreolalax sterlingae which were only discovered in 2013, both of which are threatened by the recent development of a cable car to the top of the mountain. The protected areas is also developing a conservation program focused on the endangered Big-headed Turtle (Platysternon megacephalum) which is dependent on small mountain streams for its survival. 

During a practical captive management sessions existing enclosures for some turtle species were improved to provide more suitable habitat with a range of environmental variables.  Keepers at the centre also learned how to prepare and keep a range of species at the centre, including Big-headed Turtle (Platysternon megacephalum) and the Impressed Tortoise (Manouria impressa).

We hope that through this training course and the collaboration with CRCO we can strengthen the conservation of these priority species in Vietnam.

Date: 11th September 2015 Press release: Hoang Van Ha & Timothy McCormack – ATP

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participants in Hoang Lien training

Above: Trainees from the CRCO with trainers. Photo credit: ATP.


measuring turtles

Above: Taking turtle measurements. Photo credit: ATP

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