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2012 hatchling season of critically endangered Asian turtle species has started at the International Center for Turtle Conservation in Germany

At the International Center for Turtle Conservation (IZS) at Münster Zoo in Germany, the hatchling season 2012 has had a successful start with the hatching of a Sulawesi forest turtle (Leucocephalon yuwonoi) in January. Among zoos, the IZS was first to achieve a sustained success in breeding this critically endangered species with five hatchings between 2006 and 2010.

In addition, three Arakan forest turtles (Heosemys depressa) hatched at the end of March, making 2012 another year that the IZS has bred this critically endangered species.

The IZS is a joint project of Münster Zoo, the Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations (ZGAP) and the German Society for Herpetology and Herpetoculture (DGHT), which regularly breeds 13 of the 40 species/subspecies that were considered as being at the highest risk for extinction in 2011. The breeding center aims to preserve rare and endangered Asian turtle species by establishing and managing sustainable captive populations and supporting turtle conservation projects in the countries of origin (The Turtle Conservation Centre in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam, being one of the projects that the IZS has supported in the past).


8th May 2012

Press release by Sarah Wahl (TCC) with information provided by Martina Raffel (Alwetterzoo Münster, Germany)


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The Sulawesi forest turtle (Leucocephalon yuwonoi) hatchling emerged in early January and will hopefully be joined by other hatchlings, as more eggs of this critically endangered species are currently being incubated.

The three Arakan forest turtle (Heosemys depressa) hatchlings that emerged at the end of March 2012 at the IZS in Münster, Germany and will join the captive population at the breeding center


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