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New enclosures for hatchlings and juveniles at the TCC

The Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam, completed construction of several new enclosures for hatchling turtles in July following the advice of visiting veterinarian Bonnie Raphael of the Bronx Zoo to establish outdoor holding facilities for hatchlings in order to increase the turtles' exposure to natural sunlight.

The new holding facilities include three large terrestrial tanks for Indotestudo elongata and two semi-aquatic tanks presently being used for Heosemys grandis. Each of the tanks is fitted with a locking screen top to protect the turtles from unwanted visitors like mongoose, masked palm civets, and rats which have occasionally created problems for TCC eggs and hatchlings. Each of the enclosures houses about 15 juveniles. The TCC plans to construct additional holding facilities for Mauremys annamensis juveniles in the coming months.

Presently, the TCC is successfully breeding nine species in captivity including Cuora amboinensis, Cuora galbinifrons, Hoesemys grandis, Indotestudo elongata, Mauremys annamensis, Ocadia sinensis, Pyxidea mouhotii, and Sacalia quadriocellata.

July has seen the completion of hatchling enclosures for the Turtle Conservation Centre's (TCC) most prolific breeders, three terrestrial enclosures for Indotestudo elongata (100cm by 220cm each) and two pool enclosures for Heosemys grandis (140cm by 220cm each) . Each of the enclosures has been designed to maintain 10 to 15 individuals of each species and have been fitted to prevent predation which has always been a worry for hatchlings in the centre.


Press release by the Asian Turtle Conservation Network

28th July 2004

Above: New terrestrial enclosures for hatchlings and juveniles at the TCC

Above: It would appear that most of the turtles are enjoying their new enclosures. Some of the Heosemys grandis set about almost immediately in determining what was edible in their new enclosures by taking a taste of everything, including dead leaves and stream gravel


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The tanks were constructed with support from the Dutch Tortoise Society, which has been helping Cuc Phuong develop its breeding and incubation facilities as part of efforts to establis breeding assurance populations of some of the most critically endangered species.

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