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November 2018 - More than one individual of Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle living in Dong Mo lake? another rafetus
27th December 2018 - Chasing the worlds rarest turtle - The New Yorker has a story on the work of the ATP and our work to protect Swinhoe's Softshell Turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) in Vietnam Rafetus swinhoei
16th December 2018 - A new species of Horned Tree Dragon described from central Vietnam by the IMC/ATP team and partners new species of horned tree dragon
2nd December 2018 - Wildlife Veterinary seminar for young veterinarians and conservationists in Vietnam seminar
November 2018 - More than one individual of Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle living in Dong Mo lake? another rafetus
November 2018 - An update on the Kon Tum Province confiscation of endangered Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles (TFT) in Vietnam on the 4th of November 2018 turtle confiscation
24th October 2018 - Interview surveys in northern Vietnam look for remaining Swinhoe’s softshell turtles in the wild Lai Chau interview survey
October 2018 - Rafetus habitat in Vietnam being disturbed again fishing threat in Xuan Khanh lake
8th October 2018 - 46 Big-headed turtles rescued in northern Vietnam turtle rescue in Thanh Hoa
3rd October 2018 - 31 big-headed turtles released!!! Big-headed turtle
September 2018 - Enforcement trainings held for two priority provinces of Vietnam enforcement training
September 2018 - 2018 wave of hatchling turtles from conservation centre in Vietnam builing design in TCC
22nd August 2018 - 101 endangered turtles released in southern Vietnam turtle release in southern Vietnam
21st August 2018 - Second rescue of turtles from Quang Nam province, central Vietnam second turtle rescue from Quang Nam province
30th July 2018 - Animal Planet films turtle rescue efforts in Vietnam filming in TCC
July 2018 - Warning: painted turtle trade – potential threats to turtles and human painted-red eared sliders
11thJuly 2018 - The home of the Hoan Kiem turtle under threat from intensive fishing fishing in Dong Mo lake
6thJuly 2018 - A new skink of the genus Sphenomorphus Fitzinger, 1843 described from southern Vietnam skink in Hoa Ba
June 2018 - Short report on turtle conservation at the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) in Cuc Phuong National Park TCC
20th June 2018 - On-going effort to find more wild Rafetus in northern Vietnam observation
6th June 2018 - Event series organized in Kim Son commune, Son Tay, Vietnam Kim Son boat race
30th May 2018 - High mortality seen in tortoises and freshwater turtles in Vietnam turtle confiscation in Quang Ninh
14th May 2018 - Critically endangered turtles rescued in Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam turtle confiscation in Quang Nam
May 2018 - Implementation of smartphone-based environmental DNA testing and capture technologies to detect Rafetus swinhoei in the wild eDNA training
24th April 2018 - Training workshop to prevent electrofishing in the world’s rarest turtle’s habitat electrofishing
11th April 2018 - Environmental DNA helps confirm a new individual of the world’s rarest turtle in the wild - 4 animals now known Rafetus swinhoei
5th April 2018 - Training the next generation of turtle conservationists in Vietnam student training 2018
March 2018 - 15% of the world’s top 25 most endangered tortoise and freshwater turtles are found in Vietnam. Box turtle
19th March 2018 - Special school performace held "Together to conserve Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle" in Son Dong, Son Tay, Vietnam. extra-curriculum activity
6th March 2018 - New species of frog from the genus Leptolalax described by IMC staff in Vietnam Leptolalax
26th February 2018 - Confiscation and release of endangered Big-headed turtles in central Vietnam Big-headed turtle
28th January 2018 - An unusual wildlife rescue - A Malaysian Giant Turtle has been rescued in Vietnam Big-headed turtle
19th January 2018 - The best photograph so far of the world’s rarest turtle in the wild Rafetus swinhoei


20th October 2017 - Urgent call to save 68 Endangered Big-headed Turtles in Vietnam turtle rescue in Ninh Binh
14th October 2017 - New net gets installed to protect the Dong Mo Turtle Dong Mo new net
12th October 2017 - Education for the next generation is key to better conservation for tortoises and freshwater turtles in Central Vietnam Map school program
10th October 2017 - Celebrating the Mid-autumn festival for children at Dong Mo Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam Dong Mo mid autumn festival
2nd October 2017 - School children in Vietnam learn about the world's rarest turtle living next door Dong Mo school program
26th September 2017 - The incubator has been busy and the hatchlings have been coming TCC hatchlings
25th September 2017 - Impressed Tortoise Released in Bach Ma National Park, Vietnam Manouria impressa
19th September 2017 - Typhoon Doksuri hits Vietnam, the most powerful storm in a decade puts the world’s rarest turtle at risk. Dong Mo flood
16th September 2017 - Welcoming our two new Germany volunteers (Jonathan and Yasmine) at the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC), Vietnam
15th September 2017 - Kids Football matches for turtle conservation in Dong Mo Lake, Vietnam Dong Mo kid football
9th August 2017 - 41 more endangered turtles arrived at the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC), Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam 41 turtles transferred from Soc Son
3rd August 2017 - Marine turtle released with a message from local officials in Quang Ninh, northern Vietnam marine turtle released in Quang Ninh
27th July 2017 - 38 endangered turtles arrived at Pu Mat Rescue Centre, Nghe An Province, Vietnam turtle rescued in Pu Mat
17th July 2017 - Two marine turtles are removed from the Endangered species list marine turtle conservation status

June 2017 - Support the release of endangered tortoises and freshwater turtles in Vietnam

support turtle release

30th May 2017 - 11 turtles rescued to Pu Mat Rescue Centre, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

turtle rescue in Pu Mat National Park
30th May 2017 - Seven endangered Keeled box turtle handed into the Asian Turtle Program office in Hanoi Keeled Box Turtle
22nd May 2017 - Native fish species released at Dong Mo Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam Dong Mo fish release
18th May 2017 - Third boat race organised in support of the world rarest freshwater turtle Third boat race in Dong Mo lake
15th May 2017 - Confiscation of critically endangered box turtle in Da Nang, central Vietnam turtle confisctaion in Da Nang
25th April 2017 - Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park field survey - Vietnam Quang Binh field survey
14th April 2017 - 11 endangered Keeled box turtles arrived at the Turtle Conservation Centre, Vietnam turtle rescue in Lang Son

12th April 2017 - At the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC), the Four-eyed Turtles are nesting in preparation for Easter.

Four-eyed Turtle

4th April 2017 - First rescue of turtles to the Turtle Conservation Centre in 2017

turtle rescue in Bac Giang
22nd March 2017 - 13th tortoise and freshwater turtle field skill training course in Vietnam 13th student training course
7th March 2017 - Training to improve captive management skills for tortoises and freshwater turtles in Vietnam's rescue centres captive management training
6th March 2017 - General Motors Vietnam (GMVN) supporting turtle conservation in Vietnam GM support TCC
March 2017 - An Indochinese Box Turtle enjoys a soak at the Turtle Conservation Centre Vietnam Cuora galbinifrons
February 2017 - The 'Dong Mo Football Cup' organised to support conservation of the world’s rarest turtle  Dong Mo football cup
January 2017 - A time lapse video of construction of waterfall enclosures for the Big-headed Turtle in Vietnam Time lapse in TCC
January 2017 - The Turtle Conservation Centre Mannaquin challenge Vietnam 2016 a day in TCC
January 2017 - Happy new year from the Dong Mo Turtle (Rafetus swinhoei) photographed by the ATP team on the 3rd January 2017.   Rafetus swinhoei


5th December 2016 - National Workshop to develop a Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Conservation Plan for Vietnam TFT National Workshop
9th November 2016 - Largest confiscation of endangered big-headed turtles in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam Impressed Tortoise
25th October 2016 - Impressed Tortoise Released in Dak Nong Nature Reserve, Vietnam Impressed Tortoise
24th October 2016 - Confiscation of endangered box turtles in Ha Nam province, Vietnam Ha Nam confiscation
October 2016 - Confiscation of endangered box turtles in Hanoi, Vietnam Cuora galbinifrons
18th October 2016 - Confiscation of endangered box turtles in Nghe An province, Vietnam turtle confiscation
6th October 2016 - Net preventing the Dong Mo Rafetus swinhoei from escaping replaced Dong Mo net
5th October 2016 - Large confiscation of endangered Big-headed Turtles in northern Vietnam  Big-headed turtles
5th October 2016 - Two highly endangered Southeast Asia turtle species now listed on the IUCN Red List of endangered species Cuora picturata
27th September 2016 - Training of Rafetus local counterpart from northern Vietnam local counterpart training
23rd July 2016 - 50 endangered turtles find a new home at the Turtle Conservation Centre, Vietnam  Soc Son turtle rescue
June 2016 - Ultra Violet light provision improved for hatching turtles at the Turtle Conservation Centre - Vietnam UV light
May 2016 - 46 more endangered turtles rescued in Vietnam turtle confiscation
May 2016 - Build the next generations to protect turtles Quang Nam School Program

21st April 2016 - Vietnamese scientists are collaborating with German experts to start the preservation by plasticisation of the Hoan Kiem Turtle (Rafetus swinhoei)



23rd March 2016 - Decision made on the preservation technique for the Hoan Kiem Turtle (Rafetus swinhoei)


16th February 2016 - Rescue of critical tortoise and freshwater turtles in Vietnam Soc Son turtle transfer
1st February 2016 - Cuc Phuong National Park breeding success for the Vietnamese Pond Turtle in 2015 Mauremys breeding
29th January 2016 - What next for the Hoan Kiem Turtle? Hoan Kiem turtle
22nd January 2016 - Can the legend of Hoan Kiem Live On? Hoan Kiem turtle
20th January 2016 - The death of the Hoan Kiem Turtle, Hanoi Vietnam - Farewell to a legend Rafetus swinhoei


23rd November 2015 - X-raying Big Headed Turtles in Hanoi, Vietnam x-ray Big-headed turtles
November 2015 - The Asian Turtle Program honoured for their contributions to wildlife protection ENV wildlife award
4th October 2015 - Critical confiscation of highly endangered tortoises need help in Vietnam turtle confiscation in Hanoi
24th Spetember 2015 - ‘Rua Mua Ban’ arrested. One of Vietnams most active online traders of endangered turtles arrested in Hanoi, Vietnam turtle trade online
22nd September 2015 - Endemic Vietnamese Pond Turtle benefits from protection agreement signed along with community football matches winning team of Mauremys football 2015

11th Spetember 2015 - Threatened reptiles and amphibians in Vietnam benefit from a conservation training program on field research and captive management

Hoang Lien training
19th August 2015 - Turtles rescued in Nghe An province, Vietnam cuora galbinifrons
24th July 2015 - Tortoise and freshwater turtle fields records now being texted into the Vietnam office cuora mouhotii
21st July 2015 - Turtles rescued in Da Nang city turtles rescued in Da Nang
20th July 2015 - Reptile enforcement training in central Vietnam focuses on a globally important province for tortoise and freshwater turtle conservation Phu Yen training 2015
July 2015 - Two men jailed for 15 months each for trying to smuggle 206 endangered turtles through Singapore singapore term
July 2015 - U.S. Secretary of the Interior visits the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC), Vietnam. US Interior Secretary visit CPNP
July 2015 - Kids Football For turtle Conservation in Northern Vietnam rafetus kid football 2015
30th June 2015 - No hunting agreement from local fishermen helps protect the world’s rarest turtle No hunting agreement
30th June 2015 - Motorbike chase leads to the confiscation of 26 live threatened tortoise and freshwater turtle species in Vietnam turtle confiscation in Lang Son
25th June 2015 - Another potential site for Rafetus swinhoei identified in Vietnam lake in northern Vietnam with information on Rafetus
20th June 2015 - 27 Critically Endangered Big-headed Turtle rescued in Vietnam rescue big-headed turtle
15th April 2015 - Harmful fishing methods threaten the world’s most endangered turtle species in Vietnam. electro-fishing
10th April 2015 - Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Field Skill Training Course Continues to be a hit day 4 student training course
13th March 2015 - Second boat race organized to support the world’s rarest turtle boat race
12th March 2015 - Fifth football match organized to support conservation of the worlds rarest turtle Dong Mo football
9th March 2015 - Volleyball matches celebrate the new lunar year in central Vietnam and raise awareness to a highly threatened local turtle. volleyball match
9th February 2015 - New no fishing zone created to protect the world's rarest turtle No fishing zone
27th January 2015 - New nesting beach built in the hope of attracting the worlds rarest turtle sand bank small
22nd January 2015 - Worlds most distinguished turtle experts gather at Hoan Kiem Lake to reminisce Dr. Pritchard visit
January 2015 - Phu Yen: A growing trend called hunting golden turtles mauremys trade
2015 - Sponsor your own ‘Turtle Cup’ Football Team  
2015 - Update on the Hoan Kiem Turtle (Rafetus swinhoei)  



30th December 2014 - New Developments at the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC), Vietnam TCC incubator
23rd December 2014 - Busy year for turtle rescues in Hanoi, Vietnam  

October 2014 - Impressed tortoise (Manouria impressa) handed in for transfer to the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC)

manouria impressa
9th September 2014 - Mid-Autumn Festival held in Vietnam to support the worlds most endangered turtle turtle festival
23rd May 2014 - 4 endangered Keeled box turtles (Cuora mouhotii) transferred to the TCC after student training
16th May 2014 - Spring sees increased activity in the worlds rarest turtle
16th May 2014 - The fate of large softshell turtles in Vietnam
14th May 2014 - Threatened turtles confiscated from the illegal trade in central Vietnam successfully rescued
31st March 2014 - Tenth Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Field Skill training course at Cuc Phuong National Park
6th March 2014 - Fourth football cup raises awareness to worlds rarest turtle
27th February 2014 - Species of the Rafetus genus increasingly endangered
11th February 2014 - Conservation library in Central Vietnam raises awareness to conservation of high school students in priority areas
16th January 2014 - CEPF Report on findings of ATP survey and awareness activities for critically endangered Tortoises and Freshwater turtle species in Central Vietnam

14th January 2014 - Fishermen using technology to assist conservation monitoring in rural Vietnam



2nd December 2013 - New Law Protects Priority Turtles In Vietnam
11th October 2013 - Conservation of Hoan Kiem turtle(Rafetus swinhoei) in Dong Mo Lake: Close Call as Dam is Opened
4th October 2013 - Awareness signboard for local communities living near the endemic Vietnamese Pond Turtle
24th September 2013 - Mid-Autumn festival at Dong Mo Lake raises awareness to worlds rarest turtle
19th August 2013 - Coming home: Opportunities for conservation of the endemic Vietnamese pond turtle
18th June 2013 - Social media leads to transfer of endangered turtles to the Turtle Conservation Centre in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam
16th May 2013 - Web monitoring and collaboration with Kanh Hoa officials lead to the rescue of critically endangered Vietnamese pond turtles

14th May 2013 - Hanoi resident hand over an endangered Keeled box turtle (Cuora mouhotii) to give it another chance of a life in the wild

10th April 2013 - Yellow-headed temple turtles hatch at the Turtle Conservation Centre in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

6th April 2013 - Detection dog finds wild Keeled box turtle during student training
in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

20th March 2013 - Interview survey produce nearly 50 records for turtles in Central Vietnam

19th March 2013 - School and Community Programs raise the profile of endangered turtles in central Vietnam

5th March 2013 - New radio-telemetry study for endangered turtles in central Vietnam following trapping success



24th October 2012 - Confiscated turtles from Ha Tinh province transferred to the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC)

10th October 2012 - Ranger Training in central Vietnam focus's on endemic tortoise and freshwater turtle conservation

9th October 2012 - Third annual “Turtle Football Cup” held at Dong Mo Lake, Vietnam

28th September 2012 - Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Captive Management Training at the Turtle Conservation Centre in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

19th September 2012 - Community Football Tournament Increases Vietnamese Pond Turtle Conservation Awareness

5th September 2012 - Record year for Keeled box turtle (Cuora mouhotii) hatchlings at the Turtle Conservation Centre

29th August 2012 - Celebrations for the first autumn hatchlings at the Turtle Conservation Centre, Vietnam

2nd August 2012 - Updated version of the 'Turtles of Vietnam' poster

15th June 2012 - First Mauremys annamensis eggs of the season at the TCC

2nd June 2012 - Site based awareness activities for conservation follow surveys of priority species in Vietnam

1st June 2012 - Hybrid between Vietnamese Pond Turtle and Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle found in central Vietnam

21st May 2012 - Endemic Lesser Indochinese Box Turtle (Cuora picturata) under threat in Vietnam

15th May 2012 - Endangered Turtle Species benefit from the 2012 student training course

1st May 2012 - Forest clearance for plantations a continuing problem in Northern Vietnam

31st April 2012 - Student interview survey in Bac Giang province, northern Vietnam following the tortoise and freshwater turtle field skill training course

20th April 2012 - Two Keeled box turtle hatchlings found in semi-wild enclosure at the Turtle Conservation Centre, Vietnam

19th April 2012 - Keeled box turtle handed in by student returned to its home in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

30th March 2012 - The next generation of turtle biologists learn tools of the trade in Vietnam

19th March 2012 - School programs increase awareness for turtle species only found in the wild in 2010

15th March 2012 - Cuc Phuong National Park transfers 186 turtles to Southern Vietnam

19th January 2012 - Action needed to protect the world's most endangered turtles only wild habitat

3rd January 2012 - Two endemic Bourret's box turtles start the New Year back in the wild

2nd January 2012 - Fishing Agreement Signed to Conserve World's Rarest Turtle




15th December 2011 - Interviews for endangered tortoise and freshwater turtles in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

14th December 2011 - ENV puplishes Green Forest magazine titled: Swinhoe's turtle legend

11th December 2011 - Field surveys find Bourret's box turtle (Cuora bourreti) in Sao La Nature Reserve Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

24th November 2011 - Confiscation in Vietnam, new Four-eyed Turtles join the captive breeding group in Cuc Phuong National Park

23rd November 2011 - More breeding success for the Four-eyed turtle at Cuc Phuong National Park

21st November 2011 - The Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) of Cuc Phuong National Park celebrates hatchlings in 2011

31st October 2011 - Marine turtle released in Quang Ngai province, Vietnam

23rd October 2011 - Internet advert leads to the rescue of a Critically Endangered Indochinese Box Turtle

19th October 2011 - Large softshell caught in the Red River, Hanoi causes a stir

7th October 2011 - Awareness signboard for world's rarest turtle around its only known habitat

5th October 2011 - Investigating the tortoise and freshwater turtle fauna of Xuan Nha Nature Reserve in the highlands of northern Vietnam

30th September 2011 - TCC supports morphometric study of elongated tortoise

24th September 2011 - Field surveys for the endemic Lesser Indochinese Box Turtle (Cuora picturata) Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam

20th September 2011 - Chinese stripe necked turtles found during a field survey in the lowlands of central Vietnam

15th September 2011 - Indochinese Box Turtle hatches at the Turtle Conservation Center in Cuc Phuong National Park

15th September 2011 - New Rafetus swinhoei skull found after being reported by a local counterpart

21st July 2011 - Turtle detection dogs start getting results

20th July 2011 - Impressed tortoises given a second chance in Pu Mat National Park, Vietnam

12th July 2011 - Hoan Kiem Turtle released after treatment

11th July 2011 - Interview survey for the Indochinese Box turtle around Pu Hu Nature Reserve in Northern Vietnam

6th June 2011 Keeled Box Turtle hatchling found in semi-wild enclosure at the Turtle Conservation Centre, Vietnam

20th May 2011 - Lucky Keeled Box Turtles make it home after a close call with traders

6th May 2011 - Art competition for the world's most endangered turtle inspires thousands of school children in Vietnam

4th May 2011 -Critically endangered turtle rescued by student after participating in field skill training course

27th April 2011 - New notebooks distributed for Rafetus swinhoei awareness

24th April 2011 - Football raises local awareness to worlds rarest turtle

24th April 2011 - Football for Conservation, the Vietnamese Pond Turtle

22nd April 2011 - 1.5 tons of turtles confiscated in Vietnam

6th April 2011 - Hoan Kiem Turtle, the rescue 2011

March 2011 - Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Field Skill Training Course held in Vietnam




20th October 2010 - Protected Impressed Tortoise rescued by Quang Ngai Provincial Forest Protection Department

October 2010 - New awareness poster produced for the Vietnamese Pond Turtle

October 2010 - New awareness poster produced for Swinhoe's softshell turtle, Rafetus swinhoei

October 2010 - Boat race at Dong Mo Lake for Rafetus swinhoei

20th September 2010 - Updated version of “New Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Identification Resource”

31st May 2010 - Florida softshell turtles seen in Vietnamese food markets

28th March 2010 - First “Turtle Cup” football match held for Dong Mo Lake in Vietnam

20th March 2010 - Training course provides practical field skills for young turtle conservationists in Vietnam

9th March 2010 - New Chelonian visitor centre promotes conservation of Vietnam's Tortoises and Freshwater turtles

12th February 2010 - Environmental Education Training Course Focuses on Turtle Conservation in Vietnam

2nd February 2010 - Ho Chi Minh City pagoda hands turtles to Wildlife Rescue Centre following student project

28th January 2010 - Vietnam holds its First National Scientific Workshop on Amphibians and Reptiles




December 2009 - Discovery of an Asian giant softshell turtle (Pelochelys cantorii) traded in Hue, central Vietnam

6th November 2009 - Illegal trade of turtles around Tam Dao National Park continues

9th October 2009 - Keeled box turtle rescued following web monitoring

16th June 2009 - Reintroduction preparations for captive bred Vietnamese Pond Turtles

11th June 2009 - Testing the Sedi-turtle in Hanoi

14th April 2009 - 5th annual training course dedicated to developing Vietnam's next generation of turtle conservationists held

6th January 2009 - Critically Endangered Turtles
Rescued from Trade




November 2008 - One of the worlds rarest turtles rescued in Vietnam

19th June 2008 - New surveys for the Vietnamese Pond Turtle (Mauremys annamensis) identify additional suitable habitat for the species

5th January 2008 - Interview surveys around protected areas in Central Vietnam, December 2007

April 2008 - Interview survey for the Keeled Box turtle in Pu Hu Natural Reserve and Cuc Phuong National Park

28th March 2008 - Training Course Aims to Encourage Interest in Turtles




Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC) -
Activity report 2007

1st December 2007 - Tortoise and Fresh water turtle field skill training course in Myanmar

7th June 2007 - Lucky turtles saved from the cooking pot back in the wild

April 2007 - Field skill training course builds capacity amongst students




7th December 2006 - Mauremys annamensis recorded in natural habitat after 65 years

22nd November 2006 - Tortoise and freshwater turtle field skills training course: Building the capacity of students in Cambodia

12th May 2006 - Endemic Vietnamese Pond turtles come home
May 2006 - Finding the Vietnamese Pond Turtle (Mauremys annamensis) in central Vietnam

March 2006 - Tortoise and fresh water field skill training course to build capacity amongst students in Vietnam




23rd November 2005 - Turtle Training Course Focuses on Veterinary Care and Management of Confiscated Turtles in Vietnam

21st November 2005 - “God give me strength” Keeled Box Turtle (Cuora mouhotii) rescued

17th October 2005 - Training Wildlife Protection Officers in Cambodia
3rd October 2005 - Xuan Mai Forestry College Seniors Develop Interests in Turtles
26th September 2005 - Turtles Released at Cat Tien Get Second Chance at Survival

16th January 2005 - Training Course Focuses on Developing a New Generation of Turtle Experts




14th October 2004 - Five new Asian Turtle species are listed on CITES Appendix II


24th September 2004 - Pig-nosed Turtles destined for Japan seized at Jakarta airport

28th July 2004 - New enclosures for hatchlings and juveniles at the TCC

27th July 2004 - Wildlife Crimes Unit Nabs Turtle Smuggler on Sumatra

5th July 2004 - Turtle Conservation Fund Awards Announced



14th June 2004 - Cardamom Mountain Project Update


2nd June 2004 - Conserving the Burmese Roofed-terrapin (Batagur trivittata)
June 2004 - New hatchlings emerge in
Sre Ambel, Cambodia
28th May 2004 - Vietnam-China CITES Training
for Enforcement Officers
25th May 2004 - Ranger training in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

8th May 2004 - Hong Kong Seizure Nets Rare Turtles from Malaysia



14th April 2004 - TRAFFIC and WWF commend Lao PDR's decision to join CITES


4th April 2004 - Pace of march to extinction quickens for Southeast Asia's turtles
April 2004 - New Breeding Enclosure for Cuora galbinifrons at the Turtle Cuc Phuong Conservation Centre
30th March 2004 - Quang Nam Turtle Confiscation & Release

17th March 2004 - Authorities Seize Turtles in Da Nang



19th February 2004 - Turtle Traders caught in Ninh Binh





24th September 2003 - A release of turtles from the Turtle Conservation Centre (TCC), Cuc Phuong National Park in Cat Tien National Park



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